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Strong ROOTS FOR A PROMISING FUTURE The business is sold Foundation of a furniture manufactory by Josef Ellendorf to its main customer, the Thalheimer brothers, and expands to become Germany’s leading manufacturer of plywood The company is renamed Westdeutsche Sperrholzwerke AG and incorporated as a joint-stock company Market launch of GetaLit ® laminate boards coincides with production start of plasticlaminated doors First listing of Westag ordinary shares Expansion of the elements manufacturing activities through the construction of a branch plant in Wadersloh 1901 1926 1950 1956 1961 1974 MILESTONES OF THE COMPANY‘S HISTORY 1917 1937 1955 1960 1972 Start of plywood production Development of the world’s first laminated concrete formwork board Development of the world’s first laminated concrete formwork board Name change to Westag & Getalit AG Development of the first plastic-laminated Portalit ® doors 6

WHAT MAKES US TICK | The Key to Success Westag & Getalit has a long track record of pioneering achievements. The history of our company goes back more than a century and our present-day success is based on four elementary factors: our highly motivated workforce, our commitment to sustainable management, our high-tech production and our efficient logistics. These factors combine to make us a leading European manufacturer of wood-based and synthetic products. Implementation of a Start-up of Europe’s largest production line for worktops at the Wadersloh branch plant Shares are listed in the new Prime Standard segment of Deutsche Börse AG New block frame production set up at the Wiedenbrück plant Expansion and relocation of the GetaCore ® pro duction to Wadersloh Extension of the cogeneration plant combined heat and power gas unit at the plant Wiedenbrück Market launch for handmade-style laminates Merging of the Laminates/Elements and Plywood/ Formwork divisions to the Surfaces/ Elements division Start-up of a new furnace centre at the plant Wadersloh 1998 2003 2008 2012 2014 1995 2001 2006 2010 2013 Construction of an advanced logistics centre for doors including a high-bay warehouse with automated order picking Construction of a cogeneration plant at the Wiedenbrück plant Market launch of our GetaCore ® solid surface material Start-up of continuous laminates production using a double-belt press Implementation of the largest European door edge machine tool Extension of the cogeneration unit at the plant Wiedenbrück 7

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